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The success of your Website is determined by how well it is ranked on the search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing your ranking on all the search engines for you to have a prime spot on the organic search results (free listings). If your site enjoys first position on the first page of the search engine's search result, you will enjoy endless exposure (FOR FREE).

Search Engine Optimization however does not have an immediate effect, especially if your website is not ranked well. Sometimes it can take days, weeks and even months depending on how well the websites of your competition are ranked.

That said,  QuickSolve over the years has developed a system which will give you immediate exposure; First Page Exposure!

Our "From Zero to Hero" package includes the following:

  • Immediate first page exposure on Google, Yahoo (optional) and Bing (optional)
    On some keywords on Google QuickSolve clients occupies up to 80% of the first page search results.  
  • SEO for your existing website (Optional)

Many of our clients who opted for the From Zero to Hero campaign by QuickSolve have stopped all forms of print advertising. The QuickSolve From Zero to Hero campaign has become their main source of business.

How it Works

A new website will take some time to perform well on the various search engines. What complicates it even more is that every search engine has their own algorithms so you really have to know what you are doing to get quick results on the different platforms.

What we do is to create special marketing campaigns on Google and Facebook. So on the day that your website goes live, we also start our online marketing campaigns which results in immediate exposure and sales.

As your site and your network grows, you can systematically decrease your online marketing budget simply because your website will start to bring the business in on its own.

The QuickSolve From Zero to Hero Campaign Explained



The From Zero to Hero campaign is perfect for "Big Bang" approach advertising for ANY business in ANY industry. If you call us now we can have your Website / Product listed on the first page of Google within a couple of hours!

Accommodation / Tourism Industry
Want to raise your occupancy up to 80% or more? This campaign is pefect for travel agencies, guest houses, lodges, hotels and other services in the Hospitality Industry.  

Furniture Removals / Transport Industry
We have various platforms and advertising options available to advertise your products / services for you to operate at maximum capacity.

Trophy Hunting / Photographic and Wildlife Safaris
Let us target your clients anywhere in the world.

The ones above are just few examples. This concept can be applied across all industries. We have statistics to prove this fact.

Contact us to find out more about how we can KICK START your business and literally take it to the next level.


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